Yard Sale

A lot of random cool things vaguely organized Victorian Curio Museum style.
polypropylene longsword
42" overall

Heavy pommel rondel
12 3/4 overall, 8" blade, super-bonk pommel, awful cammo sheath

antique Nepalese chakmak (sold)
Royal Armory of Nepal, in storage for over 100 years. 4 3/4" long

Buschmesser Latin machete
19 1/2" blade. THREE AVAILABLE

antique WWII British cast spike bayonet
for homeland Civil Defense. 9 3/4" with 8" spike

Roman helmet crest support
height: 3 5/8"

Baron grade maille standard
one available

Listings are up to date. These are all singular items, only one of each is available unless noted otherwise. Shipping is set on each to a cart-minimum of .5 lbs, so picking several of them or adding these in to a regular order becomes quite economical. Thank you for helping me clear out my workshop and store rooms!