European longsword

This excellent cutting sword is Cold Steel's version of the classic European 14th century longsword, also known as a bastard sword or hand-and-a-half sword. For a sword of this size, it's amazingly light and fast, tipping scales at just over 3 lbs. The highly polished blade is quite wide so it can produce deep shearing type cuts, yet is pointed enough to be effective in a thrusting attack. The long grip is suitable for both one or two handed use and is fashioned out of wood covered in black leather capped with a beautiful scent stopper pommel. Fully sharpened and ready to slaughter flying pizza boxes and cardboard rolls and pool noodles. Comes with attractive wood scabbard covered with black leather and steel throat and chape.

length: 45 1/2"
blade: 33 1/2"
blade width: 1 7/8"
steel: 1050 high carbon spring steel
grip and pommel: 12"
guard: 8"
balance point: 5" up from guard
weight: 3 lb 2.2 oz
sheath: leather and wood with steel fittings

Here are some overblown histrionics and men with extremely bad cutting form showing you just how strong this sword is:

(ignore the histrionics and bad form, and concentrate on the strength of the sword, por favor.
"I wouldn't want my foot in that boot!")

Price: $320

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