14th century great helm

Great helms spanned the 13th and 14th centuries, with the heaviest concentration of them being used between 1250 and 1350. This flat-topped style was used throughout that time period. (Between 1350 and 1400, great helms developed domed tops, and then quickly evolved into bascinets.) This particular helmet would have been worn in the 1275-1325 range, plus or minus a smidge. 14 gauge steel construction, fully padded, heavy duty, and ready to rock and roll in most any full contact combat system. Weighs around 9 lbs. Made by GDFB - Get Dressed For Battle, who mistakenly calls this a "Pembroke" great helm. Historically, there's no such thing - the name "Pembroke helm" was made up by an American armorer (who ripped off a lot of people by taking deposits and disappearing) around the turn of Y2K to describe his sorta-kinda home-made version of a Pembridge great helm.

Sizes available:
Medium (25" circumference)
Large (26" circumference)
(pro-tip: if you plan on fighting in this, get the large)

Price: $180 (size medium)


Price: $180 (size large)

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