Russian shasqua

The shasqua is known as the "national weapon" of the Russian Cossacks, but they originated with the Caucasian tribes in and around Chechnya and Dagestan and the surrounding region. Imperial Russia resettled many Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks into this area, and the shasqua became their weapon of choice. Eventually the shasqua became identified with Cossacks, and standardized versions were adopted by Russian regular cavalry units in the 19th century. Use of the shasqua continued in the Soviet era, and more than a handful of German soldiers saw their end from a shasqua in the hand of a Don or Kuban Cossack. This reproduction shasqua is 1065 tempered high carbon steel with a hardwood grip and brass fittings, decorated in early 20th century style with the Soviet star, hammer, and sickle. Comes with a leather scabbard with matching brass fittings.

length: 37 1/2"
blade: 32"
weight: 2 lb 4 oz

Price: $160

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