Vikings - Sword of Kings

From the History Channel tv series 'Vikings' comes this Sword of Kings. ("Sword of Kings? Huh?", I hear you ask - it was in the finale episode of Season two. "oh, yeah, that Sword of Kings!", you exclaim.) Anyway, yes, fantasy viking sword is from the fantasy viking tv series from the fantasy History Channel. (no, it wasn't wielded by aliens or Hitler, it was in the tv show. Concentrate.) This is the sword that passed from Horik to Ragnar (hail Ragnar! and hail Ragnar's beard! Oh, wait, that was the other The Vikings). This sword was loosely based on type D Carolingian swords but it has an unusually long grip and untypical blade construction. The runic inscription on the sword (mostly) reads: "The Sword of Kings". The blade is 420J2 stainless steel with a cast zinc pommel, hilt, and guard adorned with imitation gems. Included is a wooden wall display plaque with Viking graphics.

length: 39 1/2"

Price: $190

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